7 Systems to Build a Multiple 7 Figure Foundation for a Self-Led Company


It’s time to transition from “being the business” to “running the business.”

Every business owner gets to a point where they realize they can’t grow their business without delegating...

But they can’t delegate without processes and systems.

In our experience, there are two scenarios that
keep people stuck at that level:


Your business has become an unbelievably complicated beast.

Your head is full of work-arounds for your work-arounds and there aren’t enough hours in the day to do what you want to get done.

You know you need help, but your business is so disorganized you can’t even consider hiring someone.

Things have gotten so out of control that it seems more manageable to quit than to unravel the mess.


You are actively delegating, but everyone you hire is a disappointment.

You’re in the midst of a nasty turn-and-burn cycle, with a revolving door of turnover that spins pretty fast.

Whether you’re quick to get rid of the employee or they’re quick to head for the exit doesn’t matter.

The cause and the result are the same: lack of organization.

If you are experiencing either of those scenarios, know that
there is

Freedom doesn’t happen by chance — it happens by design.

Legacy Builders is an exclusive opportunity to work with the entrepreneurial executive team that achieving and leading others to achieve the outcome that you want to experience.

Inside Legacy Builders,

you will participate in deep dive workshopping to implement and integrate the following systems in your business so that you can scale sustainably to 7 figures and beyond

September 2021

How to 4x your way to sustainable hyper growth in the multiple 7 figures and beyond

  • Pinpoint the recruiting process to make the right hires that will be becoming productive and profitable 
  • Structure employee contribution strategy to ensure each role in your business is profit producing in relation to the 4x method

October 2021

How to design and implement an employee onboarding curriculum that creates a world class high performing team

  • Create employee onboarding curriculum that accelerates team results
  • Building a training system that elevates your team members and does not require you in the day to day

November 2021

Scaling up with sales outside launch + how to build an unstoppable sales force that ROCKS

  • Creating a culture of contribution in your team
  • Define a metrics based system designed for rapid growth

December 2021

6 Key Financial Systems that will Allow you to Scale with Ease while Preventing a Never Ending Sales Rollercoaster

  • Budgeting and forecasting to optimize your income, revenue stream and wealth building for both your business and your team
  • Defining your standard operating procedures for billing systems and escalations
  • Projecting expected revenue for making intentional, long term decisions that result in profit and growth

January 2022

How to design and build out your product portfolio for multiple streams of income

  • Expanding your revenue to serve your audience in a multitude of ways, price points and offers

February 2022

How to implement a high profile PR strategy to build your global footprint

  • Building your net worth through your network
  • Put yourself in the room with people who are thinking big and doing the work to achieve a level of success most business owners will not reach

March 2022

The key considerations, systems and infrastructure needed to scale IT and Tech

  • Optimize your data integrity, security and productivity through technology systems
  • Streamline you and your teams reporting and documentation

April 2022

Effective staff management - how to structure and lead an all in dream team

  • Build a team of mission driven intrepreneurs that are aligned with the future goals of your company
  • Create company rituals and a culture of contribution 
  • Employee development and ability to promote from within

May 2022

The legal lowdown - how to protect yourself and the business + what checks and balances you must have in place to keep your business whole

  • Defining the systems and procedures for client and employee onboarding to ensure that the company is protected while obtaining a positive environment of growth

When you elevate into the world of Legacy Builders

you’re joining the ranks of world class entrepreneurs who have scaled beyond where most entrepreneurs go

And by saying yes to joining the Builders community, you are solidifying your fate in going even further beyond that.

  • A dedicated membership site with the complete Legacy Builders curriculum, as well as bonus trainings and resources.
  • A private Facebook group with daily support from Team Unstoppable.  
  • 1 virtual Deep Dive each month with a member of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Executive Leadership Team, broken into 4 sessions.
  • 1 Annual 2-day event in Palm Beach, Florida (exclusive to Builders members and their teams)

1 virtual Deep Dive each month with a member of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Executive Leadership Team, broken into 4 sessions.

  • Week 1: Deep Dive Workshop where you will learn the step-by-step overview of the specific system being taught that month.
  • Week 2: Strategic networking & high-level PR collaboration so you can grow quickly without wasting thousands of dollars on marketing that doesn’t convert
  • Week 3: High-level hot seats related to implementation of ANY of the systems and scale strategies taught in the program
  • Week 4: Implementation lab with LIVE support so you and your team can take action on what you have learned

Legacy Builders
2-Day Event

August 10-11, 2021 in Palm Beach, Florida

This event is exclusively for Builders members and will include opportunities for networking, collaborations, PR exchanges, and partnerships, so you can build a strategic network of high-level entrepreneurs.

Day 1

A full day of extended hot seats with Kelly, where you will go deep into your business and get direct coaching on your systems and strategies.

Day 2

A full day of workshopping with the UE executive leadership team, where you will implement the systems and strategies covered in the Builders curriculum.

If you are truly committed
to becoming part of the 1%,

then it’s time to do what the 99% won’t — build a team of mission driven intrepreneurs who are aligned with the future goals of your company.

That’s why you ALSO get access to our 12-month business incubator,
The Unstoppable Entrepreneur program, where your team will master the art of sales and marketing.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur program is a $30,000 value
…but it’s included in the cost of Legacy Builders.

There are
2 payment

Most flexible
Twelve monthly payments of

Best Value
One payment of


From the creators of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Five years ago, we were a corporate executive and a college intern meeting in coffee shops to plan our journey to long-term success.

Today, we’re a multi-8 figure coaching and consulting organization that has broken records for consistently helping our clients achieve the million dollar mark in their business.

By elevating into the world of Legacy Builders, you're getting in the room with the executive leadership team that's pioneering these concepts in the world of entrepreneurship every single day.

Still have questions?
We've got you

Q: When and where is the annual 2-day event? Do I have to pay extra for that?

Our 2021 in-person event is August 10-11 in Palm Beach, Florida.

No. You will need to pay for your transportation and lodging, but the intensives are included in the cost of Legacy Builders.

Q: I am so pressed for time. Will this take a huge time investment?

If you are asking this question, then you NEED Legacy Builders. Too often, we see business owners working diligently to make an unworkable situation work.

They’re “head down” focused on getting results rather than “head up” analyzing how they’re trying to go about it and realizing that their approach might not be the smartest, most efficient and effective one to get the results they really want.

Q: What type of businesses are best supported in Legacy Builders?

EVERY business will benefit from what we cover in Legacy Builders, because every business needs processes and systems to scale to the next level. 

In the past we have worked with brick and mortar businesses, private doctor’s practices, online businesses and personal brands, and agencies.

Q: Can I bring my team to Builders sessions and workshops?

Yes! Your team members are welcome to join us at all Builders sessions, both virtual and in-person.

In fact, we highly recommend that you bring them along.

Q: I don’t have a team yet... Can I still join Legacy Builders?

Ideally, you would have at least one team member before jumping in.

As part of the Legacy Builders curriculum, we will help you construct a people plan and set up the systems and processes to bring on a full team of profit-making machines.

Q: Do I need to be good with tech to get results from Legacy Builders?

Not at all! With systems and processes, the solution is often found in simplification – less is more. 

We will help you streamline and document what is working in your business, and change what isn’t working, so you can hand the day-to-day operations over to your team and step into the role of visionary CEO.