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The Challenge

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson, owner of AndTech solutions, an IT consulting and strategy company, was already a multi-million dollar business owner before joining the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. She helps entrepreneurs systemize to increase efficiency, providing technical solutions from apps and websites down to software.

As the beginning stages of the pandemic began to creep up, Myoshia knew she had to do something different. She needed more resources, structure and tools, if she wanted to continue to raise her revenue. And ultimately, she knew that it takes money to make money.

She was serious about the growth of her business, so she made the investment.

The Solution

Myoshia knew the ins and outs of running a successful consultancy. She had grown her business to the multi 7-Figure mark before joining the Unstoppable Entrepreneur.
But she hadn’t yet dipped her toes in the pool of social selling, and she was skeptical about selling on social media.
So she took part in a 30-day challenge inside UE, spending one hour each day doing activities to increase her incoming revenue.

She tapped into previous clients, prospective clients who'd expressed interest in the past, and those who were not yet in her network, getting them to realize that leveraging tech in their businesses was even more important at the time than ever before.

Less than one week into the challenge, a “One Hour Text Challenge,” Myoshia hit a gold mine.

The Results

From just strategies she leveraged in the “One Hour Text Challenge,” Myoshia closed $104K in a single hour.
Since then, she has joined Legacy Leaders, our high-level program for 7-and 8-figure business owners, and recouped her investment back more than once.
And while Myoshia didn’t conduct her very first launch until December of 2020, she wrapped it up with six-figures in revenue!

She continues to make massive leaps in her consulting business every single day as part of our Legacy Leaders program.

The Challenge

Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever is a Media Monetization Mentor who helps entrepreneurs leverage the power of media to drive more leads and more money to their businesses.
She’s an award-winning author, co-founder of MaxBlack Media, and a firm believer that nothing happens by accident.

Prior to discovering the Live Launch Method in January of 2020, Dr. Avis had offered a year-long mentorship at $10K (or $997 per month).

Her primary method of selling was multi-day live events, and she had just started the presale for her May 2020 event.

The Solution

Dr. Avis immediately saw the value of the Live Launch Method -- she already understood the sales psychology behind live events, so the applicability to the online world was clear.
She decided to use the Live Launch Method as a way to drive people to her free Facebook group instead of pitching her presale tickets, and scheduled a full live launch for April.
Dr. Avis grew her audience from 60 to 260 almost overnight.

She steadily nurtured the group from January to March, building a warm audience through engagement and activity.
And by April, her group had over 700 members and she was ready to execute her first Live Launch.

The Results

Dr. Avis’s first launch brought in 6-figures, and 6 weeks later, her second launch brought in multi-6 figures.
Since joining the Unstoppable Entrepreneur program, she has:

  • Raised her prices to $15K for a year-long program (or $1500/month)
  • Created an ascension program with her highest offer coming in at $60K
  • Had her highest launch yet this past February, coming in at $591,000
  • Hit the 7-figure mark with $1.25 million in sales in December 2020, after just 11 months in the program and 5 Live Launches
  • Had Dr. Avis not leveraged the Live Launch when she did, the pandemic would have forced her to refund all the tickets to her May speaking event.

She would have been stuck trying to figure out how to replace the revenue she’d anticipated bringing in from that event.

While most people were completely thrown off guard, The Live Launch Method and Unstoppable Entrepreneur program gave Dr. Avis the methodologies she needed to not have to scramble once the pandemic hit.
In total, the Live Launch Method has helped her bring in $1,202,000.

The Challenge

Julie Cabezas, conversion copywriter and CEO of Copy Crimes, is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship. She broke free of her corporate background as a marketing executive to start her own marketing agency in 2014.

From 2014-2019, Julie and her business partner grew the agency from $14K in their first year, to over $500K in their last — but throughout their entrepreneurial journey, she wasn’t making more than $5K per month consistently by year 5.

She was investing $15- $20k each year in different marketing and sales courses. The 6-week video trainings, the webinars that leave you feeling dumped at the end, with questions unanswered. What Julie needed was an all-encompassing marketing and sales system that meant she didn’t have to rely on countless “masterminds” or course after course.

The Solution

Julie discovered the Unstoppable Entrepreneur program just 17 days after starting from scratch with her brand-new agency.
While she had done successful 6-figure launches in the past, she was looking for something new. A simple way of launching, a way of building connections and taking bigger and faster leaps in her business -- without relying solely on technology.
She loved the Live Launch Method’s high-touch, low-tech approach to launching. The overly-automated, tech-heavy launch strategies were a barrier to truly connecting and serving clients in the way that she wanted to.

What she was skeptical of, was the Unstoppable Entrepreneur program itself.

One: it was the biggest investment she’d ever make. Was it going to live up to the hype in terms of training, access, and support?

Two: as a copy and brand positioning expert, was the Live Launch going to work for her business model?
With less than $1k in her bank account, she made the leap. Immediately, she knew she was going to maximize the experience.

No excuses. No fear. No ifs, ands, or buts.

The Results

With the help of UE, Julie was able to restructure her program, raise her pricing and build a successful, boutique-style agency by leveraging just a fraction of what’s taught in the program.

She dove head first into the training content, clearing three full days on her calendar and fully immersing herself in what the Unstoppable Entrepreneur program offers — the modules, the accountability coaching, the weekly live calls, and the surrounding support.
She implemented the 6 Steps to Clarity right away — which, as an entrepreneur with 5 years of experience, she didn’t even think she needed. It changed the game.

In MONTH one of joining the program, Julie hit $10K in take-home pay and made back her program investment.
With the initial $1,500 she brought in, she hired an executive assistant to handle a huge chunk of lower-level work that she could finally take off her plate.
After YEAR one, she brought in $250K as a solo copywriter. Without launching.

Her biggest takeaway? Julie realized that as a CEO, she had to start thinking like the 7-figure earner she wanted to be.

Her time needed to be spent on high-impact activities that move the needle. Not 40-50 hours of selling, with not nearly enough time to spend on actually GROWING her business.